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HG Before During
And The Aftermath

Our organization is dedicated to advocate for HG . Our HG crisis support team is here to help you!  Your not alone.

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HG Crisis Support and Advocacy

HG is not just “morning sickness". Hyperemesis Gravidarum can present itself in all degrees of severity. Prenatal care for HG needs to start right away. HG can turn deadly fast, therefore; early intervention and aggressive care is essential for mothers and babies.  1 out of 3 babies do not make it to a live birth. So it is vital for mom and baby to get the proper medication and IV hydration and nutrition.  Malnourishment and dehydration  can be deadly.

At HGBDATA we offer HG crisis support and information to help you during the hardest time of your life.  You need to have understanding of what you are  going through and we are here for you every step of the way.


Our Mission

We are, HG Before During and the Aftermath. A worldwide awareness organization of HG activists dedicated to help HG mothers. We offer a team of HG crisis support sisters for when a mom needs help urgently and on-going support to mothers in all three aspects of HG (before, during and after an HG pregnancy). If you are a mother who needs emotional and mental support or help finding resources and information: we are here for you. We have volunteers all over the world that can help you at this most difficult time of your life. As well as resources for family members who wish to learn more about HG. If you are an HG crisis volunteer and would like to help, please reach out to us. If you are a mom or family member in need of more information, please reach out to us as well. Hyperemesis Gravidarum is the side of pregnancy you have never seen! 


We Fight With You

To ensure that you receive the best possible care for you and your baby, our team will stay in contact with you during the entire duration of your pregnancy and postpartum. It is very important to receive good medical care during an HG pregnancy. Complications to mother and baby can arise if severe nausea and vomiting is not controlled. Since HG is not very common and most doctors believe that HG is 'severe morning sickness that will go away' we will fight with you until you get the proper care you need.

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The HER Foundation has comprised this survey as an assessment tool to help in research and doctors about HG. Research is not only fundamental in understanding the symptoms of HG, it is also greatly needed to help moms that have HG. If our medical professionals have a better understating about HG, our quality of care is that much better. 

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Are you sick with HG and at your wits end? Do you need help on what direction to take to fight for your care? If you need help because you are suffering from HG or think you have HG, please reach out to us. At HGBDATA, we have HG crisis volunteers who are here to offer support during and in the aftermath of HG. We run a support group on Facebook, please find us on Facebook in groups, or contact us by filling out our form below. 

HG Before During And The Aftermath

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