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Contact  HGBDATA if are you sick with HG and at your wits end? Do you need help on what direction to take to fight for your care? If you need help  because you are suffering from HG or think you have HG, please reach out to us. 

At  HGBDATA we have HG crisis volunteers that are here to offer support during and aftermath of HG. We run a support group on Facebook (HG before during and the aftermath), please find us on Facebook in groups, or  contact us by filling out our form  below. 

Would  you like to share your story with us?  Did you suffer from HG and still  sick in the aftermath? Are you a doctor or a nurse and need  more help  to educate yourself to help a patient suffering from HG? Would you like  to share about seeing an HG mother you personally seen really sick? We  want to hear from you. If you have a loved one sick  or took care of a  loved one that suffered with HG and like to share  your story we want to  hear from you. Are you an HG father and like to share how you felt  about unable to do anything to make the mother of your child better?  Reach out to us.  We have an HG fathers group and dads that are here to help during or in the aftermath of HG.

We  are here to support and help  you, please contact us and if we are  unable to help we will do our best  to point you in the right direction.

Contact us  if you are still sick after HG, we want to hear from you! If you are   currently suffering and need support and need to speak with a HG  support  sister, contact us.. Do you want to join our HG movement and be  an HG  activist? If so contact us we want you to be part of our team!

You are not alone

 We are here to help any HG mother in need . If you need you help to find a new doctor,  HG care plan , HG TTC plan, we are here for you.

At HGBDATA we have ongoing support with our private group on Facebook . We also offer HG crisis support , one on one support to help you during this trying time.  Your mental and emotional  health is important to us.

 Please find us on Facebook and join our Facebook group . Follow our page for the latest updates from HGBDATA. 

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Send us a message We are here in all 3 aspects of HG.

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Please Email  us at info@hg-before-during-and-the-aftermath.com

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