Calling HG morning sickness, is like calling getting your leg saw off to a paper cut... - Starr

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These Are True Stories Of Mothers Who Suffered Through Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG)

HG is NOT Morning Sickness. It's Beyond.

You  Can Read These Short Stories Of These Mothers Surviving HG. Their Full  Stories Will Be In The HG Book Coming Out in 2019 Called: Hyperemesis Gravidarum: Before, During, and the Aftermath. The Rare Side Of Pregnancy You Haven't Seen........ 

Written By: Starr Andrews Strong HG Activist





"In The Aftermath Of HG, I Suffer From, Depression, Anxiety, Mood Disorder, PTSD and Ongoing Chronic Pain Issues From Neuropathy. This Is The Aftermath Of HG For Me! "

In  August 30th I met with Obgyn Dr. Jenny Stireman of St Luke’s Wood  River, where I had my first blood panel and ultrasound. This would be  the day I saw my precious miracle’s heart beat for the first time. A  very eventful first week took place when I found out I was pregnant.  August ended with my 6th week that brought many up’s and down’s.  The  father of my child left on Friday, August 31st and never returned, later  I would come to find out why. I went to stay with my mom that night an  hour away. Little did she know this would be the day she would take on  becoming the other person I would need so dearly in my life. September  1st Michele and I attended the IMPRA rodeo finals in Hailey, we weren’t  there 10 minutes and the vomiting started severely. After a half hour we  left as I was too sick to be in public. I worked with Dr. Stireman over  the phone to address the nausea in which she prescribed Zofran. On  September 4th, 7 weeks pregnant, I went to St Luke’s Magic Valley  emergency room for dehydration and vomiting. I was given IV fluids, IV  Zofran, a blood/prenatal panel, and then sent home.  On September 11th  went to Stireman for a checkup and to discuss Hyperemesis Gravidarum.  September 28th, 11 weeks pregnant, I was taken to Magic Valley ER for  problems associated to Hyperemesis Gravidarum and Dyspepsia. Dyspepsia  is similar to having nerve damage in your upper stomach many times  mistaken for Acid Reflux but rather causes pain when exacerbated.  I was  given IV fluids, IV Zofran/Phenergan, pain meds, a GI cocktail, a blood  panel, and then sent home. On September 29th returned back to Magic  Valley ER where the same exact treatment was given, then sent home. My  7th-10th week of pregnancy was definitely one of the most miserable  things I could ever encounter; there is no way to even begin to describe  the misery. After  $150,000 in medical bills, Sage has $50,000 from the NICU, plus not  working my entire pregnancy; my miracle did not come cheap. Hyperemesis  Gravidarum is not only a life threatening disease but will change you  financially. It has taken both of us over 5 months to recover physically  from the pregnancy and we still struggle to this day from the long term  effects. Sage and I have both been hospitalized several times since her  birth. In July 2013 Sage experienced a 3 day hospital stay at UCLA. I  have no indication of HG being a genetic factor in my family and would  like to find answers to why it started with me. I would like to advocate  to all the women suffering with HG, daughters that will face this  disease, and the long term physically effects that HG has on lives of  mothers and children’s after the pregnancy called the aftermath. I love  you with all my heart Miss Sage Kathanna Benko. Keep growing my  beautiful miracle! After $150,000 in medical bills, Sage has $50,000  from the NICU, plus not working my entire pregnancy; my miracle did not  come cheap. Hyperemesis Gravidarum is not only a life threatening  disease but will change you financially. It has taken both of us over 5  months to recover physically from the pregnancy and we still struggle to  this day from the long term effects. Sage and I have both been  hospitalized several times since her birth. In July 2013 Sage  experienced a 3 day hospital stay at UCLA. I have no indication of HG  being a genetic factor in my family and would like to find answers to  why it started with me. I would like to advocate to all the women  suffering with HG, daughters that will face this disease, and the long  term physically effects that HG has on lives of mothers and children’s  after the pregnancy called the aftermath. I love you with all my heart  Miss Sage Kathanna Benko. Keep growing my beautiful miracle! Mommy loves  you so much . To  this day I have Depression, Anxiety, Mood Disorder, PTSD and ongoing  chronic pain issues from neuropathy. It took me well over a 1 ½ years  before I finally got the right help for my mental issues that stemmed  from such a horrific pregnancy. At one point I questioned my ability to  be a single mother. Then I realized that I couldn’t let HG win. I had a  tubal ligation,which ended up being a huge regret today. I was planning  on tubal reversal to try for another child, but we may try for  IVF. After saying I would never go through HG again, I met the love of  my life and got married and I am preparing for IVF. We met with a  leading Maternal Fetal Medicine Doctor who gave us hope that this  pregnancy could be managed with J-tubes at the very start. They will  place between 8-11 weeks to prevent any further harm to the baby if they  wait. For the first 20 months and my whole pregnancy, I suffered in  silence all alone. I had no partner or family that cared to deal with me  as I was a miserable person. Today, I’m proud to say that our family is  doing well. I was fortunate enough to have met a man that doesn’t run  when it gets hard. Now, she has a loving dad that has become an  important figure in her life.  Even with all the medical issues we both  had, it was one rough journey, but we are Survivors of Hyperemesis  Gravidarum! I will keep you updated on this journey. Good medical care  from the start is key, I am hoping this pregnancy with a HG plan in  place I can beat HG and have a healthy baby. I plan to video diary this  HG pregnancy to show other HG moms my journey so stay tuned. I  look forward to share more of my story and how my daughter Sage who has  been affected long team as myself do to HG. HG changes you forever, my  husband I hope with a good HG plan in place and team we can beat HG this  time. You will be able to read my full story in Hyperemesis Gravidarum.  Before, during, and the aftermath, the rare side of pregnancy you  haven't seen coming late 2016 BY Starr Andrews Strong.   





"Cannabis  Needs To Be An Option For HG Moms Worldwide. When Other Treatment  Doesn't Work Such As Zofran. All HG Mothers Deserves To Eat And Have  Quality Of Life. The subject needs to not be so taboo."

- Amy G

Hello  my name is Amy and this is my short story on Hyperemesis Gravidarum. My  full story will be shared in the book Hyperemesis Gravidarum before  during and the aftermath. I never thought I would have a child, so when I  found out the excitement didn't last long as it turn to severe nausea  and vomiting. I was scared this is something no mother should go through ever.  I remember  being in a country medical clinic so hungry and dehydrated with cracked  lips that they had an IV drip in my arm. I'd found out days earlier I  was pregnant. All the excitement taken away and replaced by relentless  nausea I was terrified It was the start of the snow season here in  Australia and cold.
When the doctor came in she smiled at me  saying "you poor thing"  She sat next to me and said  "This is not  normal you no doubt have Hyperemesis Gravidarum.  The doctor said to me ,  I know because I was like you with all my babies right till the end  with each one . It may last a little while or like me you could go till  the end like this" She gave me an information sheet with a list of  things to try from crackers to Zorfran and explained if I got really bad  I'd end up needing to be fed via a peg feeding tube and IV fluids.  I'd  spent days and nights on our toilet tiled floor with a blanket and  pillow afraid to leave because my fiancé was working crazy hours  grooming ski runs, I was alone literally so isolated on a ski resort. It  was cold, dark, with storms coming in and I was very afraid of what was  happening to me. I felt like I was dying slowly starving to death and  so dehydrated my kidneys hurt I couldn't clean the mess of vomit , I was  to weak too.  If I would miss a bucket so the tiny toilet floor became a  bed, my home and my hell. This was not healthy and not good hygienic  for a pregnancy. The smell of anything clean or cleaned or not made it  worse. Lights and sound made me hurl so much it hurt.  It's really hard  to explain but it made my nausea and vomiting worse.  For most HG  mothers it does. I had my phone plugged in thank god it reached me or  I'd been truly alone my new friend Google became my only distraction by  searching anything I could find on my condition when I could focus on it  and not the shape of the toilet bowel. I spent every minute I could  trying to find some magical cure or treatment guess what no one even  knows what causes it so a cure doesn't exist I was chewing more wafers  than directed wondering if I was doing damage to me or killing my  child I was so desperate Ive never been so desperate in my life for  anything I was sick of being sick and wanted help to ease from the  vomiting and the nausea was so bad, I know if I didn't find some type of  treatment we wouldn't be here much longer. HG is not a joke, it life  threatening and can kill you!
 I  was in real danger of losing this child we were never meant to have. To  know that and face that every minute of every hour of every day is  torture. Then add in the relentless nausea it's hell I use the word hell  because I imagine hell would be just like this. Your burning from the  inside out. My fiance was told he would never have kids so it was a  miracle to conceive and now I had HG.  It's not fair, I remembered  someone given me a cannabis joint once when I had some gastric issues a  few years before and I remember how great that worked for the nausea and  vomiting.  People use it during chemotherapy for nausea and vomiting, I  sware it works better than any other man made options out there, I was  so thankful. I google cannabis Hyperemesis Gravidarum and found for many  mums it worked and made severe HG bearable. I smoked cannabis before so  was not afraid to a point to try it to help my HG.  I knew reefer  madness was a joke, just look at the ad campaign on you tube anything  for relief and to save us from hell or death I did not want to die I  wanted to meet my baby. Then began the search of what damage using it  would do, the best way use it and what trouble I could get in after the  baby was born. It's illegal, these  Zofran wafers were making things  worse with side effects that were horrible I wondered if I'd vomit  my  stool soon because it was not coming out the other end. Zofran makes you  so constipated,I hated taking pills but the Zofran wafers were not  helping I was still very sick and the lack of food I know made things  worse  . When my husband came home one night we argued about aborting  and going to the the emergency because I needed an IV bad, I was very  dehydrated. He loves me so much and even talking about it now he is  mortified by what he saw me go through. It was torture for him almost as  much as me watching a loved one carrying your child must be horrific  when you can't do a thing about it. Cannabis saved my life. I cant tell  you how it was the one thing that made me feel human again. I use to be  afraid to speak about how cannabis helped me and my child make it though  HG I am now not. I want to share with other Hg mums out there that  cannabis can help HG and save your life without all the side effects you  get from taking pills.You can read my full story in Hyperemesis  Gravidarum before during and the aftermath. 



Starr Andrews Strong

"HG Is Not Morning Sickness Please Stop Calling It That "
- Starr Andrews Strong

 Hi, my name is Starr Andrews-Strong and this is my short story of having Hyperemesis Gravidarum before during and the aftermath!
 On  July 12th, 2010, I started getting really nauseated.  I never had this  type of nausea before it was different then the nausea I got from my  chronic pain and then I started episodes of nonstop vomiting and when I  say non stop it was from morning till the next day and the next day  after that.  Sometimes it would be 50-100 times in one day that I  vomited!  I had bad pain in my stomach, I couldn't keep any of my  medications down, my throat was so raw and I was vomiting blood, I  couldn't even swallow my own saliva without vomiting it was really bad!  Anytime my husband or mother in law would cook food, I would have to  shut the door and put a towel in the crack of the door and get under my  covers and cover my face with a towel because the smell would get to  me!  I usually loved the smell of  food cooking but it was making me  very very sick!  My sense of smell was enhanced a lot for some reason  way more than normal! Finally, my husband took me to the ER when I was  vomiting every single day without a break and I was treated for the pain  with morphine and didaudid!  I tried to control it at home with  Pedialyte and Jello water and ice cubes I could suck on.  No matter what  I would eat or drink it always came back up, I tried crackers in the  morning, 7 Up, Ginger ale , even wrist bands for motion sickness,   anything we could think of,  nothing was helping me.  My hubby went out  and bought some home pregnancy test and I tested negative on each test  and it was still saying I was not pregnant!  I didn't understand why I  was getting so sick every day. Was I dying? What the hell is causing me  to be so sick?  I knew this was NOT my CVS, CVS is Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome . Because  when I was 21, I got into a very bad car accident, a drunk driver hit  me and my world got turned upside down!  I broke my back, crushed my  legs, was paralyzed and in a coma for over 8 months!  I had to learn how  to walk, talk, read and write, and speak all over again.  It was the  hardest time in my life, at least till this point in time....  With a  lot of therapy and a lot of hard work I slowly started walking and  learning how to write and speak once again!  I was also living with  Fibro; it’s a disease that causes widespread pain all over my body with  no cure!  By the time Robert and I started dating I was no longer using a  wheelchair unless it was a bad day that I would get from time to time.   Most days I could walk and some days I was stuck in bed unable to  move!  Following my accident, I was told I would never have any  children!  For one thing: I was on a lot of medications and I had not  had a period for ten years!  They said I had PCOS (periods only once in a  while or lack of periods all together) and it's very hard to have a  baby when you don't have a period...  When I was told I would not be  able to had children, I was in my early twenties and I wasn't ready for  kids anyways.  Now I was almost 31 years old, and I was so sad for my  future because I wanted to settle down and have a family!  I knew  whatever god had in store for me, was what he wanted, if it was his will  I would have children!  Robert was okay with me not giving him a child,  as he had an 8 year old daughter from a previous relationship!  He  would tease me all the time you will have my baby...  I would smile and  laugh it off, but thought to myself ‘it’s never going to happen, I  thought in my head he was honestly crazy. After  buying 15 or so tests my hubby went to the 99 cent store and spent his  last $5 dollars out of his check and said try this and this time I took a  test and it came out Positive.  I had two pink lines for the first  time...  I was in shock to be honest; I took the rest of the tests he  bought the next morning just to make sure that it wasn't a dream.  My  husband kept saying I knew you were pregnant all along Starr.  I smiled  and said you were right honey, but let’s see what the doctor says (we  were just thinking ‘this is just morning sickness, it will go away after  the first trimester’) I wrote my OBGYN asking for a blood test and went  in to test my HCG level and I looked up the results up on my HMO's  website and it was at 500, she didn't write me back right away and I was  wondering what does this mean?  Am I indeed pregnant?  I wrote her an  email and she said make an appointment to come see me... 

The full story will be in my book