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HG Before During and the Aftermath

HG Before During and the Aftermath was founded in 2011 by Starr Andrews Strong. Starr Andrews Strong felt the desire to write a book due to her severe HG pregnancy experience and wanted to share how she overcome the odds. Starr suffered from HG severely; without the support of her husband (who gave her the strength to fight and not give up on herself or baby) she wouldn't have survived. Starr did not want other mothers to suffer, the way she did due to the lack of care she received. It's so imperative that you get aggressive medical care ASAP to prevent your HG getting worse. Going through HG and having to try to put their lives back together was not an easy task.

Starr and Yeni have multiple HG groups on Facebook. HGBDATA is our main group. HGBDATA covers all 3 aspects of HG: before, during and the aftermath. We also have a group for fathers going through HG with their wife's or girlfriends, we have a group for the aftermath of our children. We also have a group where moms and dads can get support together.

HG is a life-threatening pregnancy condition that can kill you and your unborn child. One out of 3 babies do not make it to a live birth.

One night, Starr laid on the bathroom floor; too weak to move or to speak but only to vomit blood and stomach bile. Starr promised herself and her unborn baby daughter that if they made it, if they were to survive these 9 months of hell, she would educate the world on what Hyperemesis Gravidarum is and to speak publicly how HG is not morning sickness, it's beyond. Starr promised herself if any HG mother needed support she would be there for them. This is how HGBDATA was founded by Starr Andrews Strong. Starr is and has been a support sister to many HG mothers who have it currently or suffering in the aftermath. Starr and her team help thousands of mothers know they are not alone. They are there to give support and find resources to help each mom. Every mom seeking help is taken under Starr’s wing. Many of our volunteers are moms who Starr gave support to during their pregnancy.

Starr was left to feel alone after having her daughter. She was still very sick with nausea and vomiting, sick with severe-chronic-fatigue and chronically weak after HG. The medical doctors did not help her at all. 

Starr was left sick with no answers by the multiple doctors she visited because she been sick off and on her whole life. The name of our Organization has meaning, as our life before HG was different, during HG as we are robbed of a normal pregnancy. The aftermath you are left without needing physical mental and emotional health care that is not offered to an HG mother. Medical doctors expect you to be fine and move on. Many HG mothers are left with PTSD, PPD, and PPA, along with many other things such as decayed teeth from chronic vomiting and malnutrition. Starr and her team members hopes are to change the way the media and doctors and the world, see HG.

Currently Starr and her co-director Yeni hope to have the book released by the end of 2018, early 2019. We are working very hard to make the book be the success it needs to be to save life's. If you need a support sister, resources or help with knowing what medications can help with HG, please contact us. If you like to find a volunteer in your area, please contact us. Remember, we also run a Facebook group with the same name where you can talk to mothers all over the world to get daily support from our group. HG Before During and the Aftermath. 

If you like to share HG Quotes, Stories, Photos of you during HG for awareness, please contact us. Help join our HG movement and be part of our team. If you like to become an activist please contact us and we will be glad to send over some information for you to join our HG movement.

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HG Before During and The Aftermath 

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