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Founder & Director

Meet the women behind the scenes of HGBDATA


  • Yeni Lozano & Starr Andrews Strong Founders of HG Before During And The Aftermath 

" HG 

Let's Fight It Together"

Yeni Lozano


Executive Director of HGBDATA 

Yeni has been part of HGBDATA since 2011. Before Hyperemesis Gravidarum hit her newlywed family, she was going to school for her BA in Criminal Justice and Mechanical Engineering but  she did not know that she would met the love of  her life when she least suspected it. Before HG, Yeni was a bodybuilder and into fitness: it was one of her passions that she enjoyed very much. Yeni volunteered in a convalescent home caring for many elderly women and men that were left to die and she would brighten there day by talking with them and making them feel loved. 

Yeni also is an experienced massage therapist that has worked with bodybuilders (so they can heal faster) as well as chiropractors. Yeni has always cared about  others and has a big heart. This was very important to Starr as she needed someone that she could trust and had the same drive and passion as her. It's so important to both of them to run HGBDATA the way they  do. Once her and her husband got married, what should of been the  happiest time of their life turn into sheer horror due to HG.
After going through Hyperemesis Gravidarum the first time she wanted to help  other mothers and that is how Yeni and Starr met. Yeni had a little girl  the same month and year as Starr. A few years later she had a little boy as well. Two kids is more than enough as it took a huge toll on her  physically, mentally and emotionally. Yeni has spoken about the aftermath of Hyperemesis Gravidarum and is a voice for moms who end up with PPD and PPA. It is a hard subject to speak about, however Yeni and Starr have the same goals, passion and joy of helping other mothers and their unborn babies. It's important to Yeni to help every mom out there or struggling in the aftermath.

Together Starr and Yeni are the voice of HG and the aftermath. HGBDATA will help any mother that needs to seek help and treatment for HG!

Being  a support sister and HG crisis volunteer is important to Yeni. Saving  moms and their babies from the hell she went through and making a  difference in the Hyperemesis Gravidarum community is at the top of her  priorities. Everyday, Yeni and Starr help moms all over the world.

Starr Andrews Strong


 Founder of HGBDATA

 My name is Starr Andrews Strong. 

I have been a model, spokesperson, radio hostess, wife and mother. I can add author to this list now.  I am excited to be writing this book and look forward to it being a success.  In 2010 , I  was pregnant with HG .  I had severe HG and suffer in the aftermath as well as my daughter. After having my baby, I started advocating about HG and the aftermath. No one at this time believed in the aftermath. I was bullied to shut my mouth. I had two choices. One, walk away and let them win. Two, Stand my ground, if they were doing this to me who else were they bullying? 8 years and counting I have a successful organization. 

I have had health issues for as long as I can remember. At the age of fifteen, I began suffering from chronic pain, which was finally diagnosed as Fibromyalgia. My mother also suffers from  Fibromyalgia. Not much is known about Fibromyalgia but like many  conditions, Fibromyalgia is generally believed to run in families. At 19  years old I was diagnosed with CVS -Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. As a  mother of a baby girl born in 2011, the fact that my daughter has a higher chance of suffering from Fibromyalgia/CVS and HG frightens me.
During my pregnancy with my daughter, I also suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarum. This rare pregnancy complication results in severe nausea and vomiting throughout the duration of the pregnancy. As i like to refer it as: 9 months of hell. This is morning sickness times a thousand. This is morning sickness on crack, which often results in the  death of the fetus and malnutrition of the mother. Many women require intravenous fluids and medications to survive until the birth of their babies. I was very sick and vomited up to 100+ times a day to the point of blood. I did not have good medical care at the hospital I had  to go to in 2010. Due to that I was mistreated, mislabeled, and treated  as HG was my fault.

As a survivor these three devastating diseases which are relatively unknown and very much misunderstood. I  made it my goal in life to increase the public’s awareness of these diseases. Hopefully with increased education of the public and medical professionals and additional research into these conditions, my daughter will not have to suffer like me. I have dedicating my life to be an advocate for other women who suffer. I hope by telling my story I can help other women not feel so alone and helpless. Many mothers like myself are left to pick up the pieces in the aftermath of HG; with no help, no postpartum care and this is why it is important to fight for  better medical care for all. I am still very sick in the aftermath of HG, I struggle each day with pain and sickness, I still suffer with nausea & vomiting that at times is as severe as HG but it's CVS (Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome). and Mast cell activation disorder.  The first 4 years I was vomiting every day, I was in the hospital every month every week. 

More awareness needs to be made both for CVS and HG. After my daughter was born, due to HG, I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis: a condition that affects the stomach muscles and prevents proper emptying of your  stomach so the food sits in my stomach and rots. I never had this until HG. Life after HG has been hard for me, picking up the pieces has been harder. Being very ill and disabled, HG has taken so much from me. Raising awareness is what keeps me going and not giving up. I started  the HG movement and plan to change this world one day at a time.  I am an HG activist. My daughter has many health issues and mental health issues as a result of my care while pregnant. I run a group on Facebook that's a support group for HG mothers who suffer before, during and the aftermath.

"Pregnancy is like a coin. Each side is very different then the other. There is a good side, and the bad..... Welcome to HG before during and the aftermath."

 Our book will tell the darker side of pregnancy you haven't seen.

Stay tuned for updates , the latest on our book and HG news.