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Our Mission

HG moms need a voice.... We must not suffer in silence.


HG Before During and the Aftermath is a Worldwide Awareness HG Organization. It comprises of HG mothers and HG activists dedicated to: support and advocate for women who are suffering from HG. Our organization offers support-sisters and ongoing crisis support to mothers during her HG pregnancy as well as in the aftermath. We have HG volunteers all over the world that have gone through HG and are here for you. They are dedicated to help and offer their free time to help those mothers in need. 

It is our mission to help these moms because we know the feeling of not having doctors, friends and family members not believing us. HG is real and it is not made up or in ‘our heads’ like everyone says it is. If you have not lived through HG, you will not understand HG. Mothers are being neglected and being told to abort due to the lack of medical care some moms receive. This should not be the case. 

With proper hydration, medication and an understanding doctor, HG can be managed. 

The life of the mother and baby are in danger. HG is NOT morning sickness and we want to fight and make a stand for the HG mothers who suffer in silence. We are fighting every day to help mothers and their babies get the help they need by giving on-going support daily. It is Starr's dream to go to congress and have them recognize a standard medical protocol for all HG mothers so they can have the proper treatment for HG at a worldwide level. We know this is a huge goal but we are ready to make it happen.